Dear Colleagues

We are delighted to share the preliminary programme of the 5th European symposium!

Congenital day – June 25th 2024 
 General welcome – Christianne van Nieuwenhoven
 Introduction to Congenital Differences of the Hand
–        Updates in limb embryology
–        Updates in OMT (IFSSH Scientific committee on congenital hands)
–        Update on registries
–        Prenatal diagnostics
–        Prenatal counseling
 Longitudinal deficiencies: a MDT approach 
–        What is new in radial dysplasia treatment: Basic science, treatment algoritms
–        How to splint
–        Case discussion
 Madelung deformity: a MDT approach 
-Treatment algorithm
-Case discussion 
 Proximal-distal Axis
–        Transverse arrest 
–        Symbrachydactyly 
–        Prosthesis
–        Case discussion  
–        The multidisciplinary approach / upper limb surgeon 
–        Orthopedic lower limb surgeon
–        Neurologist – Nadine van Beek
–        Case discussion
 Apert Syndrome
–        State of the art: Hand 
–        State of the art: Feet 
–        How to deal with the rest but the hand? 
–        Patient experience 
Acquired day – June 26th 2024
 Vascular malformations 
–        General introduction and medication 
–        The role of the intervention radiologist 
–        Updates from the geneticist 
–        Case discussion 
–        Sports injury
–        Fingertip injuries 
 Cerebral Palsy
–        Multidisciplinairy approach 
–        Hyperselective neurectomy 
–        Preoperative nerve blocking 
–        Case discussion / Complications of HSN
 Musculoskeletal tumors 
–        Enchondromen 
–        Radiologic aspects
–        Case discussion 
 Psychopathologic Disorders of the Upper Limb 
–        Introduction 
–        View from the anesthesiologist 
–        View from the psychiatrist 
–        View from the physiatrist 
–        Discussion
 Pulpe session 
–        Introduction and activities
–        Open case discussion 
–        Best congenital abstract